Asten (A-pierre) is a brand created by Andréa Tardy. Asten Tardy is a company that was born between two passions: watches and stones. Stones, a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation, they always reveal a secret in their heart.

Watches that offer an infinite number of possibilities in such a small space. By combining these two passions, this gradually gave birth to watches with stone dials. It was by sowing a seed that everything grew to introduce you to Asten.

Asten Tardy, founded in 2018 in Vevey, presents elegant, simple and modern watches. Their particularities are their stone heart. Asten is a young brand that presents watches with a sober and refined design, while combining a natural material in the form of a dial. Simple, refined watches to dress your wrist according to your tastes and desires. You can fully customize your watch, from the dial to the bracelet.

This is a watch made for you by you!

A stone is chosen, in the mountains, by the river, by the lake, by a road.

Each of the watches that will be presented are unique. Unique because the dials are made of stone, directly cut from the mass. Each of the stones is picked up and chosen to be transformed by our technicians in order to present you with unique and impeccable dials.

Nature is not used to conformity. Asten has chosen to make each of her creations unique because each of us is unique.

We believe that we do not have universal taste, which is why each person can personalize their watch, create it according to their tastes and desires.

Go to the configurator. You will find a choice of components to make the watch that delicately dresses your wrist.

Do you feel unique? So feel free to show it by wearing a watch that reflects your image.

The stone that belongs to you, a part of adventure, a hobby, a memory. The one you picked up, the stone you discovered, the one you saw during a trip, a hike. You can send me your stone and with our technicians we will transform it into a dial. For this purpose the stone must have a dimension of at least: 10x10x5cm. In some cases, this is not feasible (breaks in the stone, not homogeneous enough) in this case, I would suggest an alternative by contacting you again.

You also have the possibility to choose a semi-precious stone and send it to me. Or contact me by email to send me your choice and I will take care of it.